Often in return for the little bit of time spent each week with a kid companion, the adult can be made to feel like a child again!  There have been reports that our companions have done things they haven't done in a long time - going to the zoo, baking cookies or visiting a water park.  The children appear happier and the adults have a little more spring in their step. 

what we do

  • interested in becoming an adult companion but worried you don't have the time?  Many adults find they look forward to their kid companion time as a break from the hustle and bustle of their week, reducing stress, and well worth the time

Where we started

Sauk Prairie Kids Companion is a program of companionship between an adult and a child who may need extra support in their life.  The program began in Sauk City and Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin in 1990, and is funded by Sauk Prairie United Way and gifts from other local organizations.

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Where we're going

Our goal  is to be a support system for children in the Sauk Prairie School District ages 6-16 who need someone outside their immediate family as someone they can count on as a friend.  Our ultimate goal is to always have enough adults to fill the needs of the children in our communities. We are currently looking for adults to join!

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Adults are matched with children based on common interests

and then get together for

an hour or more each week. 

It's a program for listening, friendship, support, fun and laughter.  The companions fill a special and important role as an additional supportive adult

in each child's life.